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Maria Przydatek, Co-Chair

Joining EHL was a wonderful opportunity for me. Being new to Vancouver when I attended my first workshop, I quickly was able to connect with a community of peers in my area of interest, and learn from experienced leaders. The formal and peer mentorship that I have received has been invaluable. Its an easy way to get connected. My favourite EHL workshop to date is Executive Speed Mentorship, where we have a chance to ask questions of executive leaders in the health care sector (like health authority CEOs) and engage in discussion.

I hold a BA from UVic and a MA in Social Dimensions of Health, specializing in aging and dementia research. Currently I am working in the area of health sector planning and policy, with an interest in organizational development and change management. An interesting thing about me is that one of my first experiences working in the health sector was in Poland.

Belinda Chen, Co-Chair

Before joining EHL I was struggling early in my career on how to “manage up”. I took opportunity of the EHL Coaching Program and through this learned how to overcome my own barriers in leadership. Through this, I fell in love with EHL as I want to help others who also struggle with discovering themselves and alternate career pathways in healthcare. My favourite EHL workshop to date is Joanne Shum’s workshop on resume as it was one of our more interactive events, allowing participants to really get one-to-one time with the speaker.

I hold a BSc and MSc from UBC. Currently I am working in the area of community health program planning. An interesting thing about me is that before the age of 2 I have lived in 3 different continents.

Marissa Mar, Mentorship & Coaching Manager

Joining EHL was a natural step for me after serving as a student representative with the CCHL Executive. I was thrilled to discover a group of peers in a similar place in their careers. It has been invaluable to connect with other members and learn how to navigate the health care sector together as an emerging health leaders. My favourite EHL workshop to date is Influencing for Change in Healthcare, with speakers Megan Stowe, Camille Rozon, and Duncan Campbell. The speakers provided some fantastic insights into leadership and creating change.

I hold a BA in Psychology and MHA from UBC. Currently I am working in the area of public health and prevention. An interesting thing about me is that I am an amateur improv enthusiast.

Angela Lorenz, Events & Workshops Manager

Joining EHL has been the most effective way to network and learn about the many facets of health care that you may not have had an opportunity to experience yet, especially being new to this field. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and interesting people from all different backgrounds and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. My favourite EHL workshop to date was the Resume Writing workshop presented by Joanne Shum as it was the first EHL event I ever attended and loved the ability to quickly use and receive feedback / support on the skills that I learned.

I hold a BA from UVic. Currently I am working in the area of hospital redevelopments, specifically in IMITS. An interesting thing about me is that I went backpacking in Europe when I was 15 years old.

Alex Chui, Communications Manager

Joining EHL gave me an opportunity to work with and meet people that shared the same interest in moving healthcare forward in British Columbia. I enjoy being surrounded by a diverse background of professions who are enthusiastic and ready to learn about ways to improve of current system. My favourite EHL event to date is CCHL Mentoring night, where matched members have a chance to ask meet other executive leaders in the health care sector.

I hold a BSc in Kinesiology & Gerontology from SFU, and a MHLP in Seniors Care from UBC. Currently I am working in the area of advocacy and public policy, with a specific interest in seniors care and dementia. An interesting thing about me is that I am a drip coffee addict who doesn’t have a brand preference.

Nancy Nguyen, Membership Manager

Joining EHL gives me the opportunity to spread the word to encourage emerging health professionals to gain knowledge in career and personal development through social events and workshops – I have a strong interest in bringing like-minded individuals together. My favourite EHL workshop to date is the Neuroleadership event by Camille Rozon. This workshop taught me a lot about myself and the way I think as a leader. The workshop also taught me the skills to better communicate as a future leader.

I hold a BSc in Health Information Science. Currently I am working in the area of Health Information Management and Technology Services. An interesting thing about me I like to try different breakfast places everywhere I travel to: eggs benny is my favourite!

Dionne Ng, Past Chair

Joining EHL has fulfilled my need for wanting to be a part of a an organization that helps people be successful in their careers. My favourite EHL workshop to date is our Annual Speed Mentoring; it is incredible to see all the senior leaders who really want to help young leaders in their career.

I hold a BSN, RN, and MHA from UBC. Currently I am working in the area of higher education and acute care. An interesting thing about me is that I am always to get a discount on whatever I buy.

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