EHL Toronto FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EHL for me?

Most EHL members are within the first five years of their formal leadership
careers; however we encourage participation from those in all stages of
their careers. If you feel that EHL is a good fit for you then we welcome
your participation and hope to get you involved!

How can I get involved?

There are two great ways to get involved with EHL in Toronto:

1. Become a Subscriber: Subscribe to our email list-service to get the
latest updates on EHL events and other health-related news. There’s no
annual fee, all we need is your name and email address. Click here to

2. Become a Member: Get the latest EHL list-service updates, plus
exclusive benefits like early-bird registration and preferential
pricing for EHL events. Learn more about member benefits here. Become
a member by filling out our membership form here. Annual fee is $25.

I updated my online member profile in Fall 2014.  Does this mean I’m
already an EHL member?

EHL’s new membership framework requires that you submit your
application using the new online form. By submitting your application
using the new form, you ensure that you will receive the member