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Multiple Nodes Across Canada

We’re proudly Canada-wide. Search for the Node closest to you or explore our National Node.


We are an active EHL node with over 290 members. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with seasoned mentors, meet friends, and collaborate with other emerging health leaders!


Edmonton is home to world-class healthcare facilities, post-secondary institutions and research programs. The city is also a growing hub for innovation and technology in healthcare.


Bringing innovative networking & professional development events to emerging health leaders in the Hamilton and surrounding area.


We’re proud to represent EHL in Toronto’s most diverse and innovative city.


Developing and networking health leaders in the Metro Vancouver area.


Supporting our Local Nodes as well as members who don’t live close to current Nodes. 

We currently have three inactive nodes - Nova Scotia, Ottawa and Montreal.

If you would like to start a Node in a city near you, please email