Networking Signatures and Possibilities: An invitation to our “Alberta-wide Virtual Coffees”


EHL Edmonton and EHL Calgary are launching the first “Alberta-wide Virtual Coffees” event on April 27th from 7-8 pm. If you’re you looking to meet healthcare professionals across Alberta, and expand your professional network, you don’t want to miss this event (register here). It’ll be a night full of conversation, connection, and coffee!

However, some of you might be thinking, “I’m not sure this type of virtual networking event is for me.” It so happens that your gut reaction to our virtual coffee event might have something to do with your networking style (also called networking signature).

Dr. Marissa King, a professor at the Yale School of Management, conducts research examining social networks, social influence, and team dynamics. In an interview to IdeaCast (a Harvard Business Review podcast), she described that based on years of research she’s identified three different network signatures.

She referred to them as conveners, brokers, and expansionists. According to Dr. King, conveners tend to focus on nurturing their existing relationships. As such, they build a lot of trust in their connections, and receive emotional support when needed.

A second type of networking signature she described as rather common are brokers. Brokers have really unusual career paths, and they’re usually masters of improvisation (we all have a friend who sounds like this, don’t we?) even when they know nothing about what they’re improvising. Brokers tend to be creative and innovative.

The third type, expansionists, are the ones Dr. King mentioned as the typical networkers. They know many people and have extraordinarily large networks. This gives expansionists a lot of influence and reach.

Now that you read a brief description about conveners, brokers and expansionists, you might be able to easily recognize the type of network configuration you have, and perhaps whether it’s time for you to try to tap into another style so that you can deepen your relationships or expand your circle of influence. In other words, think about ways to maximize the benefits of different networking signatures.

No matter your networking signature, EHL’s “Alberta-wide Virtual Coffees” will have something for you. For conveners, it might be an excellent opportunity to start building meaningful relationships in a safe and fun space. Brokers might find the perfect place to tap into other people’s knowledge and expertise, and learn more ways they can be creative and innovative elsewhere. Last but not least, if you’re an expansionist this event is for you!

We want to see you virtually on April 27th, and support you in building a thriving network that, in turn, may support you to build and reach your career goals as an Emerging Health Leader in Alberta.

See you soon!

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