Mentorship Matters

mentor 2

You will not find a single person in the world who stands alone in victory. In each of our journeys we all have people who have seen and brought out the best in us to ensure we achieve the success that we are looking for. These people are called mentors and they may be the most significant part of your journey not so much for what they say, although that is a large part of it, but because mentors are professional listeners.

People sometimes confuse the role between mentor and teacher. Although they sound similar, the positions are vastly different. Teachers, generally provide a course curriculum to follow. Once the pupil has completed the syllabus he or she should understand what to do with the information. However, mentors are different; I’m not saying that teachers do not listen, but a mentor’s job is to listen first. It is sometimes difficult to understand our own minds. Often we are close to understanding our needs and drawbacks; the things that are hindering us from achieving our own vision of success. A mentor will listen to our thoughts with a different perspective, unclouded by our own mental filters. Mentors can push us further and encourage us to elaborate and perhaps find the place where our strengths and weaknesses lay.

Mentors can listen to our broad sweeping generalizations and help us find clarity in our tangled minds.This can help make that long winding path feel straighter and perhaps less insurmountable. They can help us find the tools we had inside us or help us develop the tools they feel we need based on what we are looking for in our futures.

Yes, a mentor is a rare and marvelous person, whether your mentors are intentional or unintentional. We all have those in our lives who have pushed us further than we could have alone.