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Are you looking to build your workplace conflict resolution skills? Or maybe you would like to get connected with a senior healthcare leader to explore where you fit into the healthcare sector?
Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) Vancouver is proud to offer two exciting programs to our members to promote their growth and development: coaching and mentorship. Read on to learn more about the participation benefits.

Coaching Program – in partnership with Royal Roads University 

Overview: EHL Vancouver teams up with Royal Roads University to provide 6 months of free coaching services in all aspects of work and career development for young emerging health leaders. Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur thus improving workplace performance. Program intake is twice yearly, in September and December.

Next deadline: Sep 20th, 2017 (download 2017 Executive Coaching Application)

  • Coaches are seasoned working professionals from a variety of sectors (HR, health, finance, natural resources, etc.), whom are currently completing their official coaching certification at Royal Roads University.
  • All EHL Vancouver members are eligible to receive coaching.
  • Participants are asked to commit for 6 months, although the frequency and intensity of coaching may vary based on each match.

Mentorship Program – in partnership with Canadian College of Health Leaders 

Overview: EHL Vancouver partners with the CCHL BC Lower Mainland Chapter to offer a mentorship program. Our program is intended to assist EHL members in their personal and professional growth and development, as well as strengthen their ties of healthcare executives in the local BC Lower Mainland CCHL chapter. It facilitates unique learning not easily obtained in the workplace. Program intake is once yearly, in September/October.

Application deadline: Oct 11th, 2017 (2017 Mentoring Application)

  • Mentors are defined as experienced healthcare professionals, with more than 7 years of healthcare related work experience.
  • Mentees are defined as EHL members, either students currently within the MHA, MBA, EMB of a health-related leadership program, or working professionals within their first 5 years of work experience in a health care sector.
  • Matching will be based on interests, geography, and mentoring goals among other factors.
  • Participants are asked to commit to 2-3 hours per month, between October and June

Note: The criteria for mentors and mentees is inclusive, allowing you to apply as both a mentor and a mentee in the program.

What’s Right for Me?

EHL members will benefit from both the Mentorship and Coaching programs, and are not limited to one or the other. Please feel free to apply to either or both programs based on your needs. You may want to have a mentor if you are looking to gain insights from someone with extensive experience in healthcare, learn from their career path, and build a longer-term relationship. You may want a coach if you are looking to build a specific skill as a leader in a professional setting and would benefit from a period of focus around this goal.

Refer to the comparison below to learn about the differences between mentorship and coaching.

Mentorship VS Coaching Comparison

Mentorship Coaching
  • Mentors tend to be in the same professional field as their mentee
  • Mentors can provide answers and share their insights working within the field of health care
  • Mentorship is a relationship with deep development
  • Mentorship addresses issues relating to work and your career/ leadership development
  • Coaches can be professionals from any discipline
  • Coaches don’t give answers but can provide guidance in finding the right answer
  • Coaching is a focused, short-term relationship, with specific goals
  • Coaching addresses case-specific issues related to work and developing skills, such as conflict resolution

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