The secret behind motivation

Hi Emerging Health Leaders,

What motivates you to do the work you do? As a manager, it can be hard to lead a group of people to accomplish a goal together if you don’t know what drives them to accomplish these goals. In Daniel Pink’s book “Drive” (see picture below), he  argues that in first world countries,  the traditional theories of extrinsic factors such as rewards and punishments on  human motivation are no longer valid. Instead, the drive behind why we do the things we do depends on 3 factors:

1) Autonomy

2) Mastery

3) Purpose


The youtube video below goes into further detail on these 3 factors.  I highly recommend this book, as I believe these theories are not limited to be applied in the business sector. In the healthcare field, we are often fraught with resource limitations.  However, perhaps a way to help mitigate these limitations and keep people happy is to figure out what drives them to work in this field. Food for thought 🙂