[Survey] What are your ongoing challenges and opportunities?

Good day Emerging Leaders,

Many of you may be familiar with the Healthcare Management Forum – the Leadership publication hosted by the Canadian College of Health Leaders. One of EHL Toronto’s past chairs (Alexandra Harris) will be serving as guest editor for a Fall edition. Alexandra has invited EHL co-founders Adrienne Hagen Lyster and Emily Gruenwoldt to submit an article reflecting on the genesis and early success of Emerging Health Leaders, as well as give consideration to ongoing challenges and opportunities facing the next generation of health system leaders.

Health care futureWe need your help. By completing the following 10 question survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CN929T7 ), you will be contributing to this publication through the identification of priorities and gaps as they relate to your own leadership development. For those who choose to complete the survey, one name will be drawn for a $50 iTunes gift card. De-identified results will be shared with your local and national co-chairs.


Survey closes May 30th at midnight ET.

Thank you in advance for supporting our research.


Adrienne Hagen Lyster and Emily Gruenwoldt

Co-Founders, Past National Co-Chairs, Emerging Health Leaders