Leadership and Mentors

A few days ago, I was fortunate to attend an event held by UBC and the Forum of Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) titled:


Who’s in charge: Why aren’t there more women in leadership roles?

The room was packed full of women AND men. There was great dialogue of what the current gaps are for women in leadership roles as well as ideas of what can be done to change this.

One thing that struck me was the mention of how large a role mentors have played in the lives of those on stage.

One panelist mentioned that a good mentor has to be the one to push the mentee through the door to success and prevent them from exiting when things get too hard. I’ve never heard it described this way, but I feel it is true.

While I sat there in the audience, impressed by the calibre of the speakers on stage, I felt there was no better advertisement for all the emerging leaders out there to find a mentor.

I feel this event was timely as the deadline for our EHL-CCHL Mentorship Program is ending tomorrow night! Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to engage with some of the top leaders in healthcare in BC.

Link to a description of the program is below.

Also, in case anyone is interested in the event I mentioned, it was recorded and here is the link to the podcast to the event :