Just in case you missed it! Leadership with AHS CEO Vickie Kaminski



During a joint CCHL/EHL even on March 15th , Vickie Kaminski, CEO Alberta Health Services, gave a riveting presentation during which she discussed:

  • Vision for AHS & its role in the overall health system
  • Vision for emerging leaders and empowering them to lead through complex change
  • Succession planning

“AHS has begun a process of transformational change designed to help the organization meet the current and future needs of Albertans. Transforming Canada’s largest health system will require leadership and engagement from the front lines out. AHS President and CEO Vickie Kaminski will discuss the importance of leadership, how the organization is building leadership from within, and how an empowered and engaged workforce can become advocates for change and drivers of innovation”.

Click the following link for the Presentation Slides – leadership[1]