Highlights from the Job Shadow Connector Program in Nova Scotia

This past spring, the executive of EHL Nova Scotia connected with senior leaders across Nova Scotia’s health care system in order to provide a 1-day job shadow connector opportunity for EHL Nova Scotia members. A total of sixteen EHL Nova Scotia members benefited from this opportunity allowing them to not only network, but to get a glimpse into the roles and responsibilities of health care leaders from a systems, clinical and operational perspective. The feedback that we received was positive from both the senior and emerging health care leaders. 

EHL Nova Scotia Member: Sujani Jayanetti, MHA 

Senior Health Care Leader: Chris Power, President & CEO of Capital District Health Authority (CDHA)

“I had the great honor and privilege of job shadowing Chris Power, President & CEO of Capital District Health Authority (CDHA) for half a day, through the Emerging Health Leaders Nova Scotia Job Shadow Connector Program. I was offered a number of available dates to job shadow Chris Power and we agreed to meet on March 28th, 2014. I was very happy to hear that Chris Power was also scheduled to attend the CEO Council meeting that morning.

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit with and get to know Chris Power that morning over a cup of tea and hot chocolate that she graciously bought. I received valuable advice, discussed current issues in healthcare, and heard about Chris Power’s remarkable journey to becoming President & CEO of CDHA. Then we attended the CEOs meeting at 8:30 a.m. and the meeting included all CEO’s from the other District Health Authorities (DHAs) in Nova Scotia. The meeting was chaired by the Acting Deputy Minister, Frances Martin. We listened to presentations regarding Nova Scotia’s universities and long term care waitlist action plan. Other items in the agenda included clinical services planning and the transition planning for DHA boundaries followed by Deputy’s update. During a presentation Chris Power left the conference room for a brief phone call due to a chemical spill at the Halifax Infirmary. It was definitely interesting to hear an inside story before it hit the News! (This story can be read online: “Small” Chemical Spill at QEII Sends Hospital Worker to Emergency Department).

 Meeting Chris Power could have not come at a more opportune time with the Nova Scotia healthcare system undergoing numerous changes. I left the meeting feeling in awe of everyone I just met. I was interested in job shadowing Chris Power ever since I was interested in health administration in 2007, and now I finally had the opportunity. Our meeting only increased my respect and admiration towards Chris Power and the work that she does. Chris Power was named Top 100 Most Powerful Women in three consecutive years and named one of the Top 50 CEO’s in Atlantic Canada, which is highly commendable! In addition, to her numerous accolades, I found her to be kind and humble. I am very grateful for this occasion, and I thank Chris Power and EHL Nova Scotia for giving me this ideal opportunity. It was a very interesting and exciting day!” 

Sujani & Chris

EHL Nova Scotia Member: Gurbrinder Singh, MHA Student 

Senior Health Care Leader: Anthony Taylor, Director Oakwood Terrace 

“The 1-day job shadow with the Anthony Taylor, Director, Oakwood Terrace, was certainly one of the most rewarding learning experiences in my career as a student of Health Administration. I had the opportunity to view and experience the functioning of various components of a long term care facility including quality management, Accreditation planning and implementation, risk management, disaster planning and finance etc. Day-to-day activities were observed and understood in order to have understanding of a functioning long-term facility from administrative point of view. Mr. Taylor and other professionals made great effort to familiarize me with the organization and its work by providing a short job profile and talked about their roles and responsibilities. I believe that these types of learning opportunities for students can contribute to learning by providing insight to health care organizations from eyes of a leader. I am grateful to EHL Nova Scotia to give me that opportunity and Mr. Taylor for agreeing to be a partner for Job Shadow Connector Program.” 

EHL Nova Scotia Member: Holly Richardson, Assistant Professor School of Nursing 

Senior Health Care Leader: Allan Horsburgh, VP of Operations and Support Services and CFO at the IWK Health Centre”

“I spent a day shadowing Allan Horsburgh, VP of Operations and Support Services and CFO at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. Allan was a gracious host and shared his wisdom as a leader, while providing valuable insight about how leaders work to advance the health and well-being of the populations they serve. He connected me with other leaders in the organization who have a keen interest in intersectoral networking in efforts to support holistic child and youth health and took me on a tour of their newly renovated state of the art mental health unit. Allan also provided me with the opportunity to meet the Executive Leadership Team and to hear about emerging trends in healthcare and experience firsthand how important decisions are made in the interest of ensuring excellence in the care of women, children, and

families. I am grateful for this opportunity and I would like to thank Allan and the Emerging Health Leaders organizers. It was an enjoyable experience and definitely a day well spent.” 

Holly and Allan

“In the wonderful world of health care, no two days are the same and plans frequently change.”

-Chris Power, President & CEO Capital District Health Authority