Health System Restructuring in Nova Scotia: Impacts on Emerging Health Leaders

Recently, EHL Nova Scotia Connected with Allan Horsburgh, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Operations and Support services at the IWK Health Centre and member of EHL Nova Scotia Advisory Council. Allan, along with other senior leaders within Nova Scotia’s health care system have come together to continue designing a new health authority for the province. EHL Nova Scotia wanted to get Allan’s perspective on how these changes impact opportunities for emerging health leaders in Nova Scotia.

Allan Horsburgh – Comments on the impacts of health system redesign for Nova Scotia’s emerging health leaders: 
AHorsburghThe healthcare system is continually evolving regardless of system structure, and successful evolution requires strong leadership. The current restructuring in NS, combined with aging demographics, will see a disproportionate amount of valued, seasoned leaders leaving the system in the upcoming years. This loss of system context and corporate history, combined with the increasing demands and pressures being put on the NS health system, is creating a prime opportunity for emerging leaders with new and innovative ideas.

Although the system will be leaner at senior levels, there will continue to be many leadership opportunities at an “emerging” level as areas of expertise continue to be available through attrition and new programming. As well, large system change initiatives bring the need for project management, change management and many other supporting leadership roles to help see success in new models and methods of care delivery. Assisting with system change initiatives often leads to ongoing leadership opportunities, so raising your hand to be part of these projects can lead to wonderful experiences and prospects.

Now is the time for emerging health leaders, and EHL NS to stand up, ask questions, look for engagement opportunities, and be a voice for the future system. Current health leaders, government and public and patients alike, need to hear from you. Embrace and vocalize your patient care passion, and leadership opportunities will follow!