Health Leadership and Policy Studies Scholarship

Michael Dector Scholarship for Health Leadership and Policy Studies


Now accepting applications for the Michael Decter Scholarship for Health Leadership and Policy Studies. Scholarship amount: $5000

Scholarship Details:

Saint Elizabeth is proud to present the 5th Annual Michael Decter Scholarship. We are seeking high-performing students entering first year graduate health leadership/policy program who are passionate about making a difference in the Canadian health care landscape. While it will support students across the country, it will also aptly reflect Michael Decter’s legacy and honour his name and health leadership contributions.

Students aspiring for a health leadership, executive, or board role in the Canadian Health Care system or a Canadian Health Organization are ideal candidates for this scholarship of $5000.

Visit: for more information and details of last year’s award winner.

All applications must be posted marked and received by midnight on November 9th, 2015.

Application Criteria:

Submit an application package via mail with the following:

1. A compelling submission paper demonstrating personal vision for health policy or leadership (no more than 750 words accepted) or by media format (no more than 5 minutes accepted). Include long term goals, leadership aspirations and innovation focus.

2. Provide proof of acceptance or registration in first year graduate studies in health leadership and/or health policy at a recognized accredited Canadian university.

3. Demonstrate high academic performance in current program or most recent applicable studies through official record – official transcripts required.

4. Provide one academic reference and two professional references. All references must be signed.

5. Provide a copy of your cv or resume.

Submit full application by mail:

Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Attention: Learning Solutions Department

90 All State Parkway, Suite 300

Markham, ON L3R 6H3

For questions please email:

Download PDF for details.