Emerging Health Leaders Knowledge Series

31 January 2008
Canadian Nurses Association
Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Michael Villeneuve, Scholar-in-Residence from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) provided a keynote address Becoming the CEO of Tomorrow: Thoughts on serendipity, intergenerational differences and the business of leadership.

Mr. Villeneuve delivered a captivating presentation to over 20 Emerging Health Leaders providing his own personal experiences in terms of how he navigated his career path, while providing insight into a number of tools available to assist emerging leaders. Mr. Villeneuve drew from a variety of sources including Sister Elizabeth Davis, Margaret Visser and Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great. For more details, see:

Becoming CEO tomorrow: thoughts on serendipity, intergenerational differences and the business of leadership
presentation by Michael Villeneuve [PowerPoint, 1400 KB]

An informal networking and information session was held following the presentation that paired emerging health leaders with staff from the CNA to discuss their roles within the organization and to answer any questions EHL members had.

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