EHL Vancouver: We are recruiting!

Consider being on the EHL Executive team! We are recruiting for a few positions this year. This is a great opportunity for any of our EHL members and we are opening the floor to all of you.

Do you want to gain leadership experience?
Are you excited about making an impact in your community for the next 2 years?
Do you know you have great ideas to share with your colleague?
Do you feel you have the ability to help guide them towards personal growth?
Are you ready to tackle a new challenge?
If so, see below for two exciting roles that may be just for you!

EHL Communications executive
This role is responsible for coordinating communications and creating content for our members. Duties include managing the EHL Vancouver website, using MailChimp, creating bi-weekly content for email communications, and working closely with the social media executive. Volunteer commitment is approximately 2-3 hours per week.

EHL Social media and marketing executive
This role is responsible for coordinating all aspects of social media and marketing for EHL Vancouver. Duties include coordinating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email communications. Volunteer commitment is approximately 1-3 hours per week.

If interested in an executive position, please email Dionne at By June 29th, 2014.