EHL Ottawa 2008 Leadership Symposium

In 2008 EHL Ottawa held a fantastic symposium on leadership. Below are some of the details about the day and here are what conference participants said. You can also download the agenda by clicking here.

The symposicum and delegates generated a lot of positive energy

I appreciated the interactivity of the Symposium and the focus on collaborative discussion.

We heard several different perspectives from a variety of clincal and non-clinical backgrounds
which was helpful.

Inspiring Leadership in an Interprofessional Environment

Della Faulkner

Friday, 24 October 2008
11:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Here are some of the keynote presentations and great speakers that came to the symposium.





Leading to action: The Health Action Lobby

Pamela Fralick

Pamela Fralick, Co-Chair of the Health Action Lobby and President & CEO of the Canadian Healthcare Association

NEW: Pamela Fralick’s presentation now on line: A life of letters

Pamela Fralick is President and CEO of the Canadian Healthcare Association, a federation of provincial and territorial hospital and health organizations across Canada. She is also Co-Chair of the Health Action Lobby, a coalition of 36 national health associations and organizations. Pamela’s experience in the health sector includes seven years as CEO of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and she has devoted many years to the field of addictions and mental health, working in front-line treatment, research, education, policy and program development.

Keynote address
Pamela Fralick will discuss her experience leading the Health Action Lobby (HEAL), an advocacy coalition composed of organizations that crisscross the inter-professional landscape. She will offer a perspective on how adopting and advocating a multi-disciplinary approach has contributed to HEAL’s ability to address some of the main challenges facing today’s health system. Ms. Fralick will also share some of the leadership challenges and successes she has met in her career, and offer lessons she has learned.

Developing and advertising your leadership potential through volunteering

RacetteRay Racette, President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Service Executives

Ray Racette joined the Canadian College of Health Service Executives as President and CEO in February 2008. He has 30 years of health leadership experience, primarily in acute care, and has had extensive volunteer involvement with a variety of community organizations. Prior to joining the College he served 10 years as President and CEO of Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg and as an Executive Leader with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for the Emergency, Critical Care and Clinical Engineering Programs.

Workshop description
Career development through networking, volunteering and mentorship
This workshop will see Ray Racette share some of his insight into how to build professional networks to open career options and build important skills. He will examine how participants can make the most out of different networking opportunities such as volunteering, and mentorship. Ray will help participants develop their own networking plan and provide insight regarding how to implement it and where to start.

Effective leadership begins with self-awareness

MohapelPaul Mohapel, Lecturer and Consultant

Paul Mohapel frequently designs courses and lectures for psychology, leadership and business programs at various Canadian and international universities. He also consults in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and is a certified facilitator and coach in emotional intelligence.

Workshop description
Self-awareness is an essential first step towards maximizing leadership skills. Self-aware leaders tend to make better decisions and are less likely to be derailed by their own personality issues. Effective leaders are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and are able to identify opportunities for growth.

This workshop examines strategies to increase one’s levels of self-awareness, so as leaders we are empowered to make better choices. This workshop will explore the topic of emotional intelligence, and provide techniques to increase awareness through self-reflection and soliciting feedback from others.

Leading high-functioning teams: best practices for team leaders

YatesMary Yates, Director of Organization and Human Resources Development, York Central Hospital

Mary Yates has spent close to 25 years in the business of helping individuals and organizations through the change process; including eight years as a self employed management consultant where the majority of her work was in the health care and hospital field. Her expertise is in the area of leadership development, quality improvement, meeting and retreat facilitation and team effectiveness.

Workshop description
Leaders need to pay attention to both tasks and relationships in order to achieve results.

This workshop will focus on what leaders can do to build productive relationships within their teams. Workshop participants will review and apply two frameworks for thinking about high functioning teams; the Stages of Group Development and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

The workshop will conclude with quick tips for running team meetings that maximize results.

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