EHL Calgary April 14th Event: Meet the Leaders

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Ever wish you could pick the brain of a leader in your field? Our Meet the Leaders series aims to provide our members with regular opportunities for knowledge sharing, discussion and networking with leading health professionals. We are very excited to welcome…

Stacey Litvinchuk RN, MN, Executive Director of the Surgical Strategic Clinical Network

Patty Wickson, MBA, PBDM, PCSRT, RRT, Executive Director of the Critical Care Strategical Clinical Network

Stacey and Patty join us to share their thoughts and experiences on leading through change, and how you can position yourself as an emerging leader and meeting the demands of work, family and life.

Where: 10301 Southport Rd SW, Room 1002

When: 5:30-8:00PM Thursday, April 14th, 

Cost: $12 per member