[Edmonton] Mentors and Mentees Unite – An afternoon of goal setting

The Emerging Health Leaders – Edmonton Node’s mentorship program for 2017/2018 formally kicked off in early April with a speed-mentoring event, similar to how we’ve done it in the past.  Mentors and mentees were able to spend a short time together to chat about themselves, expectations, and common interests.  It was a successful event, and set the stage for a really great year of mentoring and connecting!


Following the kick-off event, mentors and mentees were matched, and a goal setting session was organized.  A lot of mentees had shared that they weren’t really sure where to start, so we thought a formal session to set some goals and targets would be helpful to get the conversation going.  We kept the planning pretty informal; developed some materials to help guide the conversation, but we wanted to let the pairs get to know each other a bit more, and develop the goals in an organic way.


About 30 mentors and mentees (some mentees paired up together) came together on a sunny Saturday (the day after a tough Oilers loss…admittedly some of us were not at our best!)  to talk about their goals for the program year.  After a brief presentation on the purpose and some tips on goal setting, we had a mentor and mentee share their experiences with the program, and then the conversations started!
It was really great to see the energy in the room, the conversations were lively, and all the pairs / groups were really involved in the discussions.  Some of the EHL – Edmonton execs were circulating the room to help prompt any lags or help get the conversation going.  But the help was not needed!


After about an hour of talking, the session wrapped up and the participants left knowing a bit more about what they wanted to get out of the program, how they will get there, and how to measure that they’ve achieved their goals.  The energy in the room as we finished was really wonderful, one might say…inspiring?


The feedback from the goal setting session has been really great, and we are really happy that the participants didn’t mind giving up a couple of hours on a Saturday for it!  This session also wraps up the formal events for the mentorship program, until the mid-year check in – October 2017.
Stay tuned for some detail about our upcoming “Welcome Summer” networking event in June!