CHLNet Summit

22 May 2007
Drawing Room, Chateau Laurier
Ottawa, Ontario

On May 22, 2007, the co-chairs of Emerging Health Professionals Network (Adrienne Hagen and Emily Gruenwoldt) were invited to participate in the Canadian Health Leadership Network Summit. This event was organized by CHL Net to flesh out a common leadership competency framework and to discuss elements of a CHL Net business case. Over 100 senior health system leaders representing national health organizations, government, acute care and academic institutions gathered in Ottawa to come to consensus on a the future for CHL Net.

A panel speaking to leadership development opportunities was featured and included Emily Gruenwoldt (EHL Co-Chair), Lori Beach (MHA Resident, University of Ottawa), Dr. Jack Kitts (CEO, The Ottawa Hospital), Bob Smith (Retired Health System Leader), and John King (Vice President, St. Michael’s Hospital). Emily addressed the dearth of common meeting areas for young health professionals, which ultimately lead to the creation of the Emerging Health Professionals Network. The terms of reference were discussed, as was the enthusiasm of EHP Net membership to participate in events such as these, as well as to partner with current health system leaders in a mentorship relationship. The presentation was very well received by the audience.

Additionally, the day featured a presentation from Graham Dickson (Royal Roads University) about the development of a leadership competency framework for the health sector. Summit participants provided significant feedback on the proposed framework through Café style discussions. Through conversations with Mr. Dickson following his presentation, it was agreed that EHP Net presented an excellent opportunity to gain feedback on the framework from future health leaders. EHP Net participants will be able to provide a fresh new perspective on leadership development and leadership competencies that has so far been missing. Graham Dickson and Don Briscoe (CMA) will coordinate the focus group scheduled for June 13th at the CMA.

Both in terms of coordinating the focus group and spreading the word about Emerging Health Professionals Network more broadly to senior health leaders, the event was a huge success.

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