Are you leading or managing?

Hi Emerging Health Leaders,

A very accomplished Director in Healthcare and/or someone I consider to be a mentor of mine has shared an interesting article with me and all of you.

The title is:

Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders“.

This article highlights 3 main differences between managing a team versus leading a team. I feel this is useful for all emerging leaders to keep in mind for the long-term goal of developing themselves as leaders and not to get stuck in the managerial role.

What stuck with me most was the mention of what it means to have circles of influence VS. circles of power. When I read this line the first time, I would assume great leaders would focus on having circles of power.

However, circles of power can only go so far (i.e. within your own team). In comparison, if you are a leader or person with circles of influence, you can impact areas outside of areas that are normally within your control.

Therefore, the question to myself and all emerging leaders is: “Are you managing or are you leading?”

I would challenge everyone (including myself) to work at developing circles of influence to position yourself as a leader.

Please see the below link for the full article 🙂