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About Emerging Health Leaders

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To develop emerging health system leaders across Canada.
To provide opportunities to support the development of emerging health leaders through the creation of knowledge exchange networks, educational events, mentoring relationships and informed health care and related discussions.
Through networking and educational events, Emerging Health Leaders provides a forum for open, collaborative and constructive dialogue on timely national health issues. EHL targets young health leaders from a cross section of health employers in the public, private and not-for-profit sector. Members of EHL will meet to share workplace experiences and perspectives, discuss recent health system publications, communicate forthcoming events — including seminars, workshops and conferences — as well as engage in rich discussions on a host of political and health related issues.

Our beginnings

Recognizing a gap in the marketplace where young health leaders could gather, Adrienne Hagen (Canadian Medical Association) and Emily Gruenwoldt (Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations) coordinated a “blue sky” meeting in winter 2006 to gather input and direction to facilitate the creation of the Emerging Health Professionals Network (EHP Net). Invitation to the meeting was spread largely by word of mouth among young health professionals in the Ottawa Region. In total, over 25 individuals from local health institutions, national health organizations, government and research organizations attended a luncheon and expressed interest in and support for a young leaders network. Feedback from the group indicated that priorities for what would become Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) should include formal learning opportunities, informal networking opportunities, enabling leadership development, as well as general information sharing. With strong support to move the yardsticks forward both from participants and from regional stakeholders (local health system or institution leaders), Adrienne and Emily were recognized as inaugural co-chairs of Emerging Health Leaders.

Where to from here

In 2008, Emerging Health Leaders launched four new nodes across Canada as the result of demand from young health leaders in Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Halifax. Each of these new nodes were initiated by individuals who recognized a similar gap in the leadership development marketplace and who approached Emerging Health Leaders with a proposal to launch a new node. Below is a map of the cities we currently have nodes in operating in. More information on each node can be found on this website. View EHL Nodes in a larger map If you are interested in launching a new EHL node in your jurisdiction contact: co-chairs@emerginghealthleaders.ca