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We had the opportunity to sit down with Stacey Litvinchuk, Executive Director of the Surgery Strategic Clinical Network, in preparation of the EHL Calgary event on Thursday, April 18th to discuss her thoughts on leadership.

How do you define leadership?

Leadership is hard to define in one or two words, but I think leadership is more about how you lead yourself and others rather than what you do.  Defining leadership this way makes it more authentic and is more than just one skill you need to pick up, but rather leadership becomes an inherent practice that additional skills can enhance.

What is one thing a young leader needs to pay attention to?

Young leaders should pay attention to who they are and this will help them define how they want to lead not what others do.  Everyone is different and they have different strengths; paying attention to these strengths and building on these skills helps young leaders become the authentic leader they want to be and not what they think they should be.

What leadership principle did you wish you knew as an emerging leader? 

That it is okay to be different and important to recognize your strengths and build off them.  We often look at what are not good at, while not building what we are good at.  Focus on the good not the bad.

What is one lesson you would like to share with emerging leaders?

This is tough as I feel there are lots of lessons I am still learning and will always be learning from emerging leaders as well as established leaders.  I always feel like I learn something from everyone I encounter regardless of where I am in my career, so just one lesson is hard to pin down.  However, one lesson I have learned is that every leader is unique and that is because we all have different strengths.  I know I have said above, but focus on your strengths as they will define the type of leader you want to be and this is authentic.  Don’t try and be someone you are not.


Stacey Litvinchuk has 20 years of progressive healthcare leadership experience; with a background in clinical practice, administration and strategic planning.  Her experience spans across acute and primary care with previous roles that include management, education and planning in Emergency, Trauma and Intensive Care.  She has an Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Degree from the University of Calgary and is currently working on obtaining her Certified Health Executive leadership certification. Stacey is also the Vice Chair for the Canadian College of Health Care Leaders Southern Chapter.

To hear more on leadership from Stacey, please join us on April 14th, 2016 for the Meet the Leaders, vol. 1