5th Annual Quality Forum & Pre-Forum Sessions

Quality Forum

Quality Forum 2016 (February 25 & 26)
Regular Registration: $325
Out-of-Province Registration: $425
Full-time Student Registration: $150

The Forum’s main two days of programming (February 25 & 26) will feature over 60 sessions of presentations and interactive workshops that will cover a variety of topics related to improving quality across the continuum of care.

Plenary presentations and a debate will bring participants together to learn, to be entertained and to be inspired.

This year, for the first time, two special field trips will provide attendees with an immersive, interactive experience that will give them a new perspective on quality.

And on February 24 the event hosts two full-day pre-Forum sessions and Health Talks – a fun evening event where eight speakers tell us their hopes for health care.


HCSMCAFebruary 24 | 0900 – 1600 | $125  

Digital technologies have the power to rewrite every aspect of health care. In anticipation of this seismic shift, Colleen Young founded one of Canada’s most vibrant online communities, #hcsmca, five years ago to help reimagine health care and make it more open and connected.

Over those five years the Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) community has brought together health communicators, researchers, practitioners and patients from across Canada through a collective vision to drive social collaboration for better health and health care.

Weekly #hcsmca Twitter discussions have tackled everything from putting health care onto election agendas, to exploring the influence of the social web in health promotion and broadening accessibility, to exploring the shifting paradigm of health care privacy. Virtual chats have been punctuated by face-to-face meetings (called tweetups) in cities across the country.

But never before has this national group met for a full day workshop to solve a big e-health problem. Until now.

This event will bring together national thought leaders to explore how digital communications impact quality of care, support patient-provider co-design, contribute to research and knowledge translation, and lead to interdisciplinary decision-making. They will tackle specific issues as determined by the #hcsmca community — and work together to put forward solutions.

After the event, materials will be created to document how organizations across Canada can use digital communication to improve the care that they provide for patients.


February 24 | 0830 – 1700 | $125 | Register

Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) – Our Story

Over the past decade, a new collaborative culture between the BC government and doctors has emerged, creating positive changes in our health care system.

Much of this change has occurred through the work of our Joint Collaborative Committees, which are partnerships of the BC Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC.

The JCCs are the first of their kind in Canada and are supported with funding negotiated in the Physician Master Agreement.

The Joint Collaborative Committees Showcase event will highlight and help spread the work of the collaborative committees, which is varied and diverse. Some initiatives have a provincial scope, others are driven by regional issues, while many start at a community level, but grow to a provincial level.

There are lessons to be learned in all the committees’ work and opportunities for physicians and other health care providers to contribute. This showcase is for anyone involved in health care to learn more about the work being accomplished within BC.

A View from the Inside: Community-Driven, Nation-Based Coast Salish Health and Wellness

February 24 | 0900 – 1600 | $125 | Register

An interactive exploration of Coast Salish health and wellness services

In this immersive and interactive visit to the Musqueam Cultural Centre, participants will gain a deeper understanding of a First Nations approach to health care and the history of the Coast Salish peoples. Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish service providers and community members will share their perspectives on holistic health and wellness.

To facilitate your learning about the cultural and spiritual dimensions of health, the day will also include interactive tours, performances, and activities. Through learning and participating together, we will contribute to working towards embedding cultural safety and humility within health services for First Nations and Aboriginal people in British Columbia.

The day’s events will include:

An opening address from a Musqueam Elder

Interactive presentations on First Nations health services from Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish providers

A visit to the Musqueam Health Centre

An historical land tour of sacred sites and the Musqueam Museum Gallery, and a cedar weaving lesson with a Master Weaver

…and more!