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Vulnerability and Leadership

How do you become a more authentic and inspired leader?  According to Dr. Brené Brown, its about embracing your vulnerabilities – and I think she has nailed it. Dr. Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, poignantly explains that authentic leadership is born through vulnerability – something […]

What’s your Health Leadership Resolution?

EHL Vancouver is asking: what is your health leadership resolution? Jaki Thornhill from EHL Vancouver says… “My health leadership New Year’s resolution is to “practice what I preach”. One of the things that drew me to health leadership was seeing the extent of work duplication and “busy” work that can happen in the healthcare environment. […]

#yeg event: Patient and Family Centred Care

Happy New Year, EHLers! Have you or your loved ones ever been on the receiving end of the health system? Do you wonder how your patients or clients experience health? We’re kicking off 2014 with an event that emphasizes the common goal of all those involved in the health industry: the wellbeing of the people […]

We need to hear from emerging healthcare leaders!

Listening to Emerging Health Leaders

Emerging Health Leaders is a proud member of CHLNET. Participating in this network allows us to represent the perspective of EHL members at national levels of healthcare leadership. One of these tables is the CHLNET Healthcare Leadership Forum in Montreal, coming up in February 2014. We are please to be sending 11 EHL members and […]

EHL Nova Scotia Launch Event a Huge Success

Emerging Health Leaders in Halifax

EHL Canada’s leadership circle in Halifax was a huge success! Over 80 senior and emerging health leaders attended the event to hear Anne McGuire, Dr. William Webster and Robert Zed talk about what keeps them up at night. EHL Nova Scotia’s executive board will be announced shortly – stay tuned for details! To become a […]