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Update your EHL membership profile! Plus new web content coming soon…

Member check-in To better understand the expertise and interests of our members—and to keep our mailing list up-to-date—we are asking all members to update their profile info by December 1st. Update your EHL profile quickly and easily using the online membership form accessible here.  Members who complete the online form and include a brief bio […]

Recruiting an executive in Nova Scotia


EHL Canada is excited about the hard work that our special project’s leader and committee have been doing to put on the Leadership Circle this week. Now that the first event is planned and ready to be a hit we are already thinking about the future. We want to continue to work in Nova Scotia […]

Mistakes can make you stronger: Career path lessons from accomplished healthcare leaders


By Stephanie Donovan To kick off our year, we hosted a strategic workshop—“5:1 – 5 Tips, One Goal”—in which three accomplished healthcare leaders each shared five key lessons that have helped shape their careers.  We were delighted to hear from Goldie Luong , Director of Special Projects for Vancouver Coastal Health; Jennifer Duff, Director of […]